Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DP: prototype brainstorm

What can I put into peoples' hands that will tell them who needs their help and how to use the system?

Could something tell homeless families where to get help and tell helpers how to find homeless families?

What is a design system? What kind of system will bring these separate groups of people together?

How can I link helpers and homeless through commonalities?

How can this system cause both parties to be humbled enough to seek help / spend time together?

Could it be a public event? Could it be a personal event in a home setting?

What is the setting of this interaction? Is it a central location? or a network of homes/families that are open to homeless visitors?

Homeless people share with each other. They band together. They take care of each other. They may be a viable network through which information could be passed.

What do families need? Clothes / Food / beds / jobs / homes / toys / showers

Does this system help families find what they need? Does this system help them survive on the street? Or get a job? Do I want to help them get homes? Maybe Any! Maybe it all has to do with connecting people—creating community. The resources will follow the connections. This project is not a fundraiser, but a community builder—families meeting families, sharing stories, time together, growing close, taking care of each other.

How do I convince the wealthy that this is worth their time? To be sacrificial? Eating together, sharing a meal?

Find out what Cherith Brook is all about. Either I might help them and build them up, or work off of them as a model and expand on it.

Create an identity for the Cherith Brook community? Promotional material for those wanting to help and those in need? Promoting an idea? Guerilla?

Cherith brooks lists urgent needs on their blog. How can I make this information public and persuasive? How can their needs be met without it being more than a drop-off but an actual community exchange?

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